Supreme 200RS Supreme 200RS right side Indol Supreme boiler with heatpump display

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Indol Supreme varmvattenberedare med värmepump

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Product Description:
NEW STAINLESS STEEL, powerful, efficient, and stylish HEAT PUMP CYLINDER!
Time to change the water heater? Change to a water heater with integrated heat pump and store up to 6500 SEK a year! Our heat pump water heater saves themselves when they save up to 75% compared with traditional water heaters!

Indole Supreme heat pump water heater, our new stylish models with a modern touch display fits well into modern houses.

Supreme 300R: 300 liters for the "greater" household.
Select the Supreme 200R for the smaller household.

At the stylish display that is of "touch" type shows how much hot water available in the heater and the temperature it has. A simple push and the display lights up and the function buttons are displayed. Performing settings / changes are very simple.

Smart features with indole Supreme heat pump water heater:
Automatic restart after power outage
Timer function that allows you (if desired) to set up to two different start / stops per day. This feature is great if, for example, know that during a certain time of day each day has extra excess heat (eg when heating the stove) or that you want it to go when you are at work or when you are sleeping.
Rapid warming, the powerful heat pump heats water quickly, you want to heat even faster you just press a button to start the immersion heater and the effect increases by 60%.
Touch display "a la smartphone"
Stainless steel dispenser
Strong heat pump for fast and cheap heating

Choose the right model for your house and your needs!
Supreme 200R is suitable for households up to 4 people who do not shower very long showers and do not drop the tub / jaccuzi.
Supreme 300R and 300Rs suitable for larger households and small households who know that consumed much water in the form of long showers and / or upptappande of bath / jaccuzzis. Supreme 300R is higher and requires a ceiling height of at least 210 cm.